People Development

‘We all wait patiently for someone to come along and show us how to
become as good as we always knew we could be.’

The principle role of any leader or manager is to produce the desired result through others. The most efficient way to do that is by showing the people how to meet their potential. Everyone longs to work with a decent leader who is committed to employee growth and improvement, where outstanding contribution becomes the norm and the workforce capacity for improvement is fulfilled

Alan Dawson has been developing people and raising performances in excess of 30 years. His ‘positive impact’ coaching is geared to taking people to the next level, poised to meet increasing challenges facing the commercial sector today. This year especially, in the face of an uncertain trading environment, the quality of your people will ultimately determine how much business you win or lose to competitors.

Precision coaching, people development, skills acquisition and talent retention are fast becoming the critical elements essential to gaining and retaining a competitive edge. Never before has it been so possible for today’s thriving enterprise to be out of business tomorrow. With the accelerating pace of change, uncertainty of market shift and growth of technological advancement, what got you to where you are now, will not get you to where you need to be in the future.

Change that ahead of time, by contacting Alan Dawson on 07850 577 441 or e-mail for a free discussion about the benefits of future proofing your business and people development. One-to-one, team or group sessions might include-

Leadership v management
Managing the drudgery out of meetings
Handling a management team
Managing difficult people

Accessing exponential growth
SMART goals and mission statements don’t work 

Building customer base
Moving into management
Get a grip on recruitment to save £’000’s
Sales training unplugged and territory management for success
Getting the best out of remote teams

Motivational management for teams
Straightening out the self-talk for winners

Cold calling is a huge waste of time
Account mapping and forecasting lifeblood
Keep the score, know the score
Eradicating limiting habits, attitudes, beliefs and expectations 
Time management 
Presentation skill workshop – by a professional speaker.
Marketing unplugged
e-mail protocol
Succinct reporting

Harnessing emotional intelligence for success
Working successfully with distributors etc.




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