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Alan started his career in the Royal Air Force as a Boy Entrant aged just under 16 years of age  After intensive training and operational postings he progressed to the RAF Red Arrows aerobatic team technical support unit. He vividly recalls their leadership environment, precision and immaculate operating standards. For him a rare and early benchmark for his future. 'The Reds' remain the epitome of distributed leadership and teamwork today.

20+ years of commercial success followed in the global medical technology space as his appetite for  people leadership and its impact on business flourished. Alan worked his way up the executive ranks from Sales Manager to Sales Director then General Manager and Managing Director. Leadership, team building, and improving people performance became his life’s work.

He was awarded the ‘President’s Round Table International Manager’ award in Hawaii for outstanding leadership with Spacelabs Medical, a global Seattle based medical technology innovation specialist. At BOC Ohmeda while heading the anaesthesia and ventilation division, he received their cherished ‘Wilkinson Sword of Excellence’ twice, for exceptional team leadership and record-breaking profitable financial performance.  

He launched his own Leadership coaching and speaking business in 2008 dedicated to pass on the baton. He is renowned for his direct delivery, aimed at aspiring and experienced leaders, directors, and managers; achieving peak performance with groups, teams and everyday leaders. Alan is a leadership authority, driving the importance of people engagement, personal accountability and task ownership at every level. 

An accomplished customised keynote speaker at conferences, meetings and events. His topics include  building outstanding teams for success, high-performance mentality, talent acquisition, people retention and everyday leadership.  

A realist who believes success is a matter of choice. He says, “Leadership is not complicated nor is it exclusive to status, business schools, uniforms or boardrooms. It is seated in people engagement and the ability to influence. Reach out and discover that everyone leads when they are in touch with what they care about. Ultimately people buy into and thrive in the world they help create”. 

His team building and people development expertise is unique, transcending diverse groups from SME's, corporate, public sector, uniformed sevices, healthcare and community.

Les Lindsay, an experienced CEO previously with KCI, Pulseflow Technologies and now EMEA President of Kiffeck Biomedical Inc says, “As everything around us constantly changes and at pace, Alan Dawson knows how to stay ahead of the curve. He is a prolific speaker and an asset to any organisation deadly serious about enhanced leadership, people performance and growth". 


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