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Do You Expect To Survive

Do you follow the news feeds? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the perpetual gloom and doom of dreadful happenings against people around the world? Have you noticed how horrific events can badly affect the mindset of decent people? Broadcasters wait poised ready to capture the latest front-line footage of global conflict, terrorism, human devastation, refugee stories and civil disturbance. Their real-time graphic images and live commentary by embedded correspondents are streamed right into o...

January 22, 2018

Think you can interview? Think again!

Can I be be straight with you? The interviewing skills of many hiring managers leaves me cold. Let me explain. When vacancies occur, particularly at shortlist stage, a successful hiring result depends on at least four building blocks coming together. They are- 1. A substantial proven hiring and selection company-framework. 2. First-class assignment brief for the role (not just a lazy job description!) 3. Properly informed, pre-screened quality candidates. Accompanying comprehensive report p...

January 10, 2018

10 Secrets to Managing Workplace Politics - and the people who dish it out

In the workplace, irrational behaviour against an associate, aimed at tarnishing their reputation, is active politics. It is sordid, and in the perfect world, would attract the intervention of perceptive and incisive leadership. That does not necessarily mean just the leader at the top, but anyone in the organisation who is savvy and becomes aware of the poor behaviour can correct it. That is an example of where ‘leadership density’ could be effective by applying assertive coaching in the mo...

December 13, 2017

Discover Self-Efficacy, the secret to your success

After many years in the global medical technology world, I see an accelerating change where medical equipment innovation has become awe-inspiring. The industry comprises people at the height of their profession, some of the brightest minds in the world. There seems no limit to achievement.  Innovative use of technology helps confront just about every human ailment and provides support for clinical teams striving to achieve better outcome for patients. Yet from a manufacturers point of view,...

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