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When dark clouds loom, effective leadership shines through.

Do you follow newsfeeds and feel overwhelmed by the perpetual gloom and doom churned out? Broadcast journalists race to capture latest front-line footage of world disorder and human suffering. Instant distressing live feedback is streamed into our homes and onto our digital devices all day, every day.In the UK, we have major parliamentary challenges creating disturbing nationwide uncertainty. Westminster commentators spew out hourly repeat speculation of threatened job losses, business clos...

January 11, 2021

Goal setting for personal improvement is a complete waste of time!

You might as well suck canal water unless you are prepared to think differently and check out what your new future will look like with your goals in place ahead of time. Start with a sharp mental vision in perfect detail, of what your life looks like after you have changed (even though you haven’t yet). It needs to be a ‘picture’, more vivid than current reality that you ‘call up’ at will. A picture, you repeatedly recall to re-train your subconscious toward your prevailing goals. You ...

January 11, 2021

Sales Team ‘Leaders’ Ace Sales Team ‘Managers’

A company owner recently said to me. “We have a sales team leader who is gold dust!” I asked about his leader’s job title and he replied, “she is our Sales Manager!” The conversation stayed with me for a while. Unknowingly, he had reignited a view I have held for some time. Why do companies insist on calling their sales team leaders either Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager or similar? I believe that’s a lost opportunity? Business clamours for the important leadership that sales t...

January 11, 2021

A Sales Directors' Reality Check

I met an ex-colleague at a national conference. He had been a Sales Representative then Sales Manager and was now in his second year as a new Sales Director with his present employer. He told me life was challenging right now. At the end of his first year profitable revenue was at record level but currently YTD revenue was down 11% versus the same period last year. Targets had grown a modest 4% for this year yet three months in, he suspected the field sales team had lost their mojo?Apparently, f...

January 11, 2021

Leadership Lessons From Football

Professional football is a reliable source of analogies and examples for business coaches and leaders.At the top level, like any other business, each football club has a business plan. All business plans are different but generally provide a roadmap for the future, covering their whole operation.Each section of the club (marketing, hospitality, football, community and administration etc.), will then have their own strategic plan to show how their part of the business plan will be delivered. Typi...

January 11, 2021

Top leaders demand the best recruitment practice.

From substantial experience gained on both sides of the executive search and recruitment fence, I know that for some employers, attracting the best candidates seems relatively easy, while others struggle. Nothing strange about that you may say. Except the reasons are not always confined to job financial package, employer size or job status either? It has a lot to do with the clarity and quality of the hiring company recruitment process. The employers who plan the process ahead of time with a pro...

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