Do You Expect To Survive

Do you follow the news feeds? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the perpetual gloom and doom of dreadful happenings against people around the world? Have you noticed how horrific events can badly affect the mindset of decent people?

Broadcasters wait poised ready to capture the latest front-line footage of global conflict, terrorism, human devastation, refugee stories and civil disturbance. Their real-time graphic images and live commentary by embedded correspondents are streamed right into our homes and on to our digital devices all day, every day.

Here’s an example of what we see? Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq all legacy disaster zones, countries decimated by war.  

As armed struggles continue there, the country leaders of North America and North Korea openly exchange personal insults through ‘brinkmanship’ speeches and social media postings. They trade threats of mutual nuclear obliteration. Hardly promoting respect or laying foundations for lasting global peace is it?

What is the impact of all this on the public at large and especially children? 

Yes, we know that youngsters take more notice of what adults do rather than what they say, but naturally, they access the same information on their digital media too.

What else do they see on their mobile news feeds? Violent protest marches, public disorder, reports of criminal activity ranging from road rage to child abuse, attacks on the elderly and females. Weapons feature, people trafficking stories abound, murder and acts of terrorism pour out.

Drug abuse and alcohol excesses are rarely out of bulletins; police are openly disrespected and often physically attacked, with teachers negatively targeted and threatened on social media,

Even some of our elected MP's in Parliament, the seat of democracy, behave like a rabid rent-a-crowd. It’s televised too, so what are elected members doing shouting rudely over one another, interrupting and baiting speakers like a mob? It beggars belief and is unpleasant to watch! Pillars of society eh? For some I don't think so?When discredited MP’s were recently punished for criminal misconduct, it conjured mistrust for their entire group and did real damage in the eyes of the electorate.

During televised political debates, how often do we see everyone talking at once with the interviewer losing order? 

Little wonder we live in an interrupting society, where lots of people only stop talking for the purpose of developing an effective response to shut the other person up. For many, active listening is way beyond them.

Unless children have access to better role models for more of the time, it is easy to see how they can get caught up in these bad examples.

When all of this gets to overload, some people crumble under the weight, leaving them less hopeful for the future and their self-esteem sinking fast.

Thankfully, not everyone succumbs in the same way. Some see exactly the same reports but react differently. They know it is never the message but how they react that matters.

Why are they better than others at riding these storms? Resilience may be the answer? Somehow it triggers their survivor instinct to help them keep a level head.

You see it in open-minded people who never dwell on the negative. They have options. While not oblivious to hardship, they do not permit things outside of their control to knock them off their stride.

Always remaining respectful and sympathetic to the plight of others, their qualities of determination and survival are instinctive as they get past blocks faster than everyone else.

Let’s face it; everyone gets knocked back now and again. Even intimidated, embarrassed, frightened or feel incompetent. It's the same for survivor types, but they are resilient and get back up on their feet faster to stay on plan.

With a strong mentality, they withstand prolonged stress, face up to setbacks and don't waste time on negative thoughts. It is inspiring to observe!

A survivor-type believes that irrespective of what happens, they are responsible for their own destiny, not anyone else. They don't blame others because it is a waste of valuable energy. They know they can't afford the luxury of one single negative thought.

People with survivor tendency also know how to thrive in the unknown, constantly expecting to find a way through to make things succeed. They are good to be around.

So, when life gets tough, be a genuine survivor. Bad things happen to us all, but it is less about the event and more about how you react. Don't complain or criticise, nor be defined by a news channel, political sway or the direction of the herd. Rise above it all, be a good role model and press on.

Start by taking great care over the pictures you allow into the minds of children.
Encourage young people to seek out balance in life and search for the positive. Get them to look around for the good things. There are plenty of excellent examples of great deeds to restore faith in human nature but not necessarily making headlines in news feeds.


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