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When dark clouds loom, effective leadership shines through.

Do you follow newsfeeds and feel overwhelmed by the perpetual gloom and doom churned out?

Broadcast journalists race to capture latest front-line footage of world disorder and human suffering. Instant distressing live feedback is streamed into our homes and onto our digital devices all day, every day.

In the UK, we have major parliamentary challenges creating disturbing nationwide uncertainty. Westminster commentators spew out hourly repeat speculation of threatened job losses, business closures and economic downturn. Where is the truth?

What is the impact on people in the workplace? Think about employees trying to get on the property ladder, making their way in life with young families, others just striving to cover rental and household expenditure, with little to spare.

People are also becoming less tolerant of our interrupting impatient society. When a discussion heats up, most people only stop talking to prepare an effective riposte designed to shut the other person up. For many, active listening is beyond them.

Elected MPs in Parliament don’t help. They regularly behave like a rabid rent-a- crowd shown live! Why do members shout rudely over one another, interrupting and baiting loudly like a mob? Pillars of society eh? I don't think so?

When all of this overloads, some people crumble under the weight. It leaves them less hopeful for the future with their self-esteem sinking fast. Undeniably and unfettered, that mindset goes to their workplace with them.

How do you keep your people on track? Think about customer-facing employees. Sales teams might routinely battle rejection but now customers are even more cautious about buying decisions and spending money. We are in a sales resistant environment. How buoyant is your sales group, how is their forecast looking?

Thankfully, not everyone succumbs to this type of downward spiral. Some see precisely the same reports but react differently. For them it is never the message but how they respond that matters. Why are they better than others at riding these storms? Is it their resilience triggering a survivor instinct to help them keep a level head?

You notice resilience in open-minded people who resist the negative pull of others. While not oblivious to hardship, they do not permit matters outside of their control to deflect them. Their qualities of determination and survival are instinctive, as they get past blocks faster than many others.

Everyone gets knocked over now and again. It's the same for survivor types, but they are resilient and get up faster. The responsibility for their own destiny is with them, not anyone else, and they don't get mired in blame culture.

An effective leader lives this model and encourages people to choose resilience and lock out distraction. The best leaders never complain nor allow newsfeeds or political sway to define them. As influential role models, they rise above it all and press on.

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