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Leadership is too important to be limited to leaders. It is foreveryone and starts with you!

 High-energy, inspirational workshops, for existing and aspiring leaders, managers and their teams keen to achieve their potential through performance improvement and personal growth. 

Alan Dawson is an award-winning leadership authority and people leadership specialist with 30 + years successful coaching experience in the corporate technology space and passing on the baton in his own successful leadership speaking, coaching and mentoring business. He coaches individuals and organisations how to set and achieve goals properly, adopt change, lead more effectively and break through blocks and barriers to potential.

Alan works confidentially with individuals on a one-to-one basis or in groups. He includes aspiring and experienced leaders at all levels, managers and their teams and informal 'everyday leaders' in the workforce. Workshops range from 2 hours to a full day, or more. He identifies, engages and ignites personal and collective performance for maximum impact and positive change. Popular customised workshop coaching topics, guaranteed to raise the bar in your business, include - 

Effective Leadership & Management For Success
- Living, breathing leadership
- It’s about them not you
- Team building
- Business turn-around
- From manager to leader
- Creating effective board rooms
- Everyday leadership 

Sales From Every Angle
- The speed of trust
- Forecast management
- Remote team management
- Performance assessment
- Motivation
- Influence v command
- Practice does not make perfect

People Development 
- Setting & achieving goals (...not SMART!)
- The 'soft' barriers to success
- The urgency tyranny
- Habits, attitudes and beliefs
- The winners thought process
- Constructive self-talk,
- Adopting change
- Choices & interpersonal skill
- Is being professional, enough? a wide range of customised courses to suit your exact requirement 


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