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Employee Development

‘We all wait patiently for someone to come along and show us how to become
as good as we always knew we could be’


The principal role of any leader (or manager) is to produce the desired result through others. The most effective way is to develop your employees to meet their potential.

Everyone longs to work with a decent leader who is committed to employee growth and improvement, where outstanding contribution becomes the norm and workforce capacity for development is fulfilled.

Alan Dawson has been developing successful teams and individual employee performance for 30 years. His ‘positive impact‘ coaching takes people to the next level, ready to meet the increasing challenges facing the commercial sector today.

The years ahead, promise step changes in trading environment for many industries and businesses. It means people quality will take on additional focus and face greater responsibility for better outcomes in tighter market conditions. The ability to rise above the herd will ultimately dictate how much business employees win or lose to increased competition.

Precision coaching, employee development, skills acquisition and talent retention are fast becoming  critical to gaining competitive edge. The stakes are high, never before has it been so possible for today’s thriving enterprises to be out of business tomorrow.

With the accelerating pace of change, constant technological advancement and increased competition, what got you here, will not get you to where you need to be in the future. Engage your people ahead of time.

Contact Alan Dawson on 07850 577 441 for a free discussion about your employee development challenges.  Customised one-to-one, or team programmes are available to future-proof your business.


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