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Leadership Coaching

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader"

- John Quincy Adams

EXPERT LEADERSHIP COACHING … at every career stage

Leadership is more about being than doing. While many things can be improved with experience, leadership is different. Early mistakes can be especially unforgiving. Adding a knowledgeable coach into your armoury helps eliminate those career-defining mistakes and accelerates the arrival of more desirable results. Even time-served leaders are not immune to catastrophic errors of judgement that could be avoided but for a confidential external listening post.

Leadership is not exclusive to managing directors, senior uniformed police officers or the military. It can start with the prized mindset of a forward thinking employee in a remote corner of an organisation.

An experienced Managing Director and Non-Executive Director, Alan Dawson delivers high-energy, inspirational leadership coaching on behalf of organisations committed to growth through their people. Typical delegates include aspiring or existing team leaders, new or established directors and company leaders; all at varying stages of their career.

Alan is an award winning, internationally experienced coach and leadership authority with many years of experience driving people improvement in global technology and generalist markets. He works with individuals on a customised one-to-one basis, in teams or entire companies to bring about increased cumulative performance and powerful profitable growth. His client list speaks volumes.

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