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Alan Dawson is an experienced speaker who captivates his audience. His unique material is crammed with proven original ideas for people-leadership in the fast-changing digital economy. Guaranteed to engage, change the way you think, motivate and inspire. 

Dissecting his thirty plus years award-winning leadership career and his people-leadership business, Alan recounts the stark reality of executive life with global technology trailblazers and SME's. He shares the insights of how easy it is to get people-leadership right when it is built on a bedrock of high-trust and accumulated small improvement margins, and why winging it is a short fused disaster.    

Team building is a mystery for many, but a master skill for Alan. He says that in the digital economy, silos with vertical command and control management systems are being left behind by the digital savvy instant action, flat-structures of competitors. Where team building thrives the most and where the success is. Leadership is a mentality and not a one person role. Accountability and personal ownership accelerates people potential,cumulative potential and growth.

He bring an incisive no-holds barred look at the state of vacancy management and how to fix it. People habits decide futures every day, whether their organisation wins the business or donates it to competitors. Best look after your top talent and find exceptional candidates for essential vacancies and save a shed-load of costs and grief while you are on?  Spoiler Alert: Before you get to know how to do that, first you will need to answer the fundamental question he asks everyone!

He will also tell you that SMART goals don't work today they are not smart at all. Discover how to set proper, meaningful goals for the digital economy. Goals that excite, challenge and stretch while generating powerful implementation for outstanding results.

The change in marketing is profound too. It has moved almost entirely online and taken the buying process with it. That means buyers have the control and not sellers.  'Selling less to sell more' reflects the reality of how the digital economy operates today. Learn why this is, what you need to do to engage it, to massively benefit when you get it right.     

Alan’s material is unique, uncomplicated, and very effective. If you are in a rut, he will definitely damage it and show you how to think and act better, be more and have more.

His preparation is faultless, customised exactly to your audience. Following Alan's main topic on the day, he will chair a Q & A panel and present plenary coaching sessions free. 

Whether it is is a small internal team meeting or a major conference, Alan is the perfect choice to lift your event with superb content as he ramps up the takeaways. He brings outstanding reviews.

Audiences love Alans direct delivery, fearless narrative and ‘POSITIVE IMPACT’.

Original and unforgettable analogies abound with rich take-away stories to stimulate delegate accountability, increased self-belief and positive change for success!


Alongside his commercial career, Alan was also a national list football referee. He progressed from the backstreet grassroots football of industrial North East England to the professional ranks and top stadia. He shares a rich seam of tales from beneath the stands, on-pitch anecdotes and when football goes to court spanning the ridiculous to the sublime. Every football experience for him was akin to the business world. Two people-centric careers, similar in many respects serving to consolidate his renowned leadership prowess, clarity and precision communication. 


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