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During 30+-plus years in corporate people-leadership and then his own business since 2008,  Alan has spoken professionally to international and UK audiences of all sizes. He brings award-winning success earned during  seemingly endless economic and political downturns. His main topics include how to inspire peak performance from a standing start, grow and achieve potential, build winning teams and access the hidden value of everday leaders.

 He is adept at steering people through emerging new trends, threats and radical business changes.
Proud of the countless formal leaders and everyday leaders he has created, Alan insists that leadership is universal, more about being and less about doing. 

Whom you learn from really matters, and Alan Dawson is a vastly experienced, inspirational people leader and a speaker with a rich history of delivering the promise. Ask him to speak at your conference or meeting, and you will hear powerful content and guidance from someone who has successfully navigated the job for years in the most competitive of spaces. 

He offers stark reality over theory with unique content and original takeaways. Alan triggers immediate positive shifts in audience behaviour and outcome.

Compelled by a strong desire to help people to spot important signals amongst the noise and step out of their rut, Alan grasps nettles that others avoid. He customises all of his material, passing on the baton so you don't have to learn the hard way. Continuously building on his impressive client list and respected Non-Executive Director portfolio, his mission is to tear down the barriers that block progress and help everyone from leader to rank and file be more inspirational and effective. 

Many of his proteges have gone on to succeed in top jobs around the world. Alan will light the dynamic growth within everyone in your organisation. He implants a leadership mindset that radiates and generates seamless customer experiences from every function.

Discover how to safeguard your future, whether in business or life in general. Hone your personal sense of leadership to reach your potential, liberate the people around you and be more to achieve more.

Contact Alan on 07850577441 or for a free discussion on how to future-proof your world. A powerful speaker who will ignite your event.


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