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Making sense of today's leadership world...

Leadership is far too important to be limited to one person. It is everyone's bag, and that includes you. The days of hierarchical vertical management structures with one leader perched at the top directing activity have gone. In any successful business it pays to be making sense of today's leadership world. While there is always one recognised formal leader, the concept of positive leadership is no longer a one person role for them. Instead it is vested in the personal ownership of everyone in harmony with common business aims. The inspiration of others and shared implementation of driven standards is now a universal expectation of any workforce. Making sense of it is first pass.

We can't all be 'the recognised leader' but irrespective of our background and status, we can easily become an 'everyday leader' supporting others to the hilt. For an individual everyday leader the feedback is uplifting, especially when mirrored with the matching mindset of others. The cumulative impact of group ownership and equal committment is immense. 

There is power in the common purpose of people when everyday leadership is a thing. The outcome is stunning. This is not some top down fluffy pseudo-culture or 'have to' behaviour exclusive to a working day, and then parked in lieu of 'reality' at home. More a proven 24/7 life-changing leadership mentality that brings about profound personal and collective professional change for the better. Life becomes more about being, than slavishly just doing what it says on your job description. Making sense of best practice supporting and motivating others along the way.

In business, when everyday leadership is at large, high energy stand-out customer experiences at every point of contact quickly become minimum standard. That's often a significant difference between a thriving enterprise and one asleep in the fast lane where customers have taken control of the sales process. Whether working centrally or remotely it's the glue that holds a better world together. Equally It liberates the much sought after autonomy of a trusted 21st century workforce in exchange for their intellectual creativity and a blistering performance. Universal everyday leadership in practice. 

Following a successful career and amazing experiences and discoveries in the field of people management, Alan launched 'Positive Impact Leadership' to coach others and pass on the baton. He is focused on replicating his vast leadership successes in change management amassed over 30 years.(See Alan's Bio)  He knows how directors, managers  top teams and everyday leaders can develop to reach their true potential. How they can become much more effective in their personal and professional life and pass on their success to others. Outstanding leadership skill is only ever on loan and you don't have to be at the top to contribute to that. No title is needed to step up and enhance the development of upcoming people and aspiring leaders in every corner of your life; when you do, thats everyday leadership at its best.

Living through the digital age, we are surrounded by prolific technological advancement. Contrary to common belief, it is this technology that empowers people today rather than replaces them. As the world constantly evolves, we need to see it as our opportunity to create, grow and develop. Many more everyday leaders are needed to implement that mentality. Contact: Alan Dawson on 07850 577441 or e-mail: to learn more. 

Book him to speak at your event and hear how making sure universal leadership is the real change away from the constant white noise of information overload. Alan is a powerful speaker. His messages are life-changing. Packed with original takeaways, effective outcomes and tools that audiences can adopt immediately achieving personal potential and professional improvement. He brings welcome sanity to a swirling world of complexity and distraction where high performance is an expectation.    

We all wait patiently for someone to come along and show us how good we always knew we could be. In the universal leadership world, Alan Dawson is that rarity. Make sure you contact him now on 07850 577 441 or e-mail: to learn more.




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