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A hugely experienced and inspirational leadership speaker, ideal for conferences and events. 30 years of award-winning business success including top executive positions with global corporates in the competitive technology segment and business ownership. Alan guarantees to engage, fire-up and stimulate delegates, with powerful international examples of how to readily adopt change, achieve stretch goals comfortably, and lead more effectively. Everyone can be a ‘leader' in Alan Dawson's world.

An ex-football referee, Alan also progressed from the grassroots pitches of industrial North East England into the professional ranks to top UK stadia and international venues. Rich anecdotes abound, including gems from the games characters, when football ends up in Crown Court, on-field incidents, riots, pitch invasions and managing life-threatening injuries to players.

Every football match experience, is inextricably linked to modern business practice. They replicate the same determination for results, where cumulative effort and ownership of responsibility, defines an  acute margin for success. Two rocket-fuelled careers combine to unleash Alan's brilliant stories and renowned leadership coaching, delivered from a speaker platform or in workshop format.

Audiences love Alan’s fearless delivery and ‘POSITIVE IMPACT’. Hair-raising reality from a speaker who got the ‘Tee-shirt.  Original and inspiring takeaways coach and fortify delegate accountability for lasting performance, improvement and growth.


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