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The Covid 19 pandemic has changed the world of work for everyone. It is unrecognisable from a year ago and, within another few months, a new normal will begin to establish

Stepping up to change is ordinarily routine for leaders, but this time the change will be formidable. The trend that began before the pandemic, to dismantle top-down management structures and silos and transition to flat integration, will re-engage but faster. Customers will control the buying process even more than before, with suppliers unaware of customer interest until the buying process is well down the road.

Traditional face-to-face sales teams used to feeding out information are unnecessary and replaced by on-line customer experiences and excellent websites offering a whole raft of information and added value. The sales language has already changed with networking, the significant 'go-to' tool in the sales advisor's armoury. 

The dated USP has long gone too, succeeded by more powerful points of compelling relevance (PCR's), as meticulously described in the excellent book 'The Trusted Advisor' by Sean Weafer.

Cold calling is (and always was) a massive waste of time, but trying to access a remote location buyer to advance or maintain a quality relationship is a mystery to many suppliers. 

As all that unfolds, formal leadership ceases to be a one-person role. It is now a bigger job working a market, winning customer trust, retaining a sense of common purpose and coaching a remote workforce in a flat structure. It means leaders must create more time by delegating key projects and critical tasks to trusted, self-accountable everyday leaders. 

While that unintended consequence provides a neat platform to help identify and develop new leaders as they appear, the broader signal is wider commitment demanded from the leader. 

In successful flat structures, the aim is to have self-motivated employees with a unified voice to provide exceptional customer experiences at every touch-point. It is good when they maintain protocols, promote company-values, network effectively and display a robust sense of positive everyday leadership that can be seen a mile off. 
Prospects for talented everyday leaders have never been brighter. We need more of you to step up to an exciting future.

Alan Dawson delivers an inspiring up to the minute "Investment in People Leadership" (IPL) coaching programme for everyone in the recovering digital economy and environment.  It is geared to accepting change, setting and implementing infallible goals to reach potential and creating more effective people-leadership. 

Alan is also an inspirational people-leadership speaker for audiences of all sizes, a mentor for leaders and develops teams of every description.

We all have opportunity to accept change and make a better world by learning more and passing on the baton. Recovery in the digital economy space is more about people and teamwork than technology. It's the workforce that determines the success or otherwise of their organisation.

In a dynamic world, even the narrowest margins of people improvement accumulate toward immutable high-performance. The impossible suddenly becomes possible and peak-performance the norm.
Profitable growth comes from a focused workforce, consistently delivering the organisation ethos and values in synergy with their own goals. Alan's "Investment in People-Leadership" programme offers the 'how". 

IPL reaches out with new ideas for people-leaders, experienced leaders and everyday informal leaders who make the world go around in any business. They are the keystones connecting and inspiring others to grow whatever their status in life. 

Contact Alan on 07850577441 or e-mail for a free discussion on how to unleash the power of your people. Discover "Investment in People Leadership" (IPL) and learn how to inspire their potential through economic recovery and future-proof your organisation from the inside out.




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