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This breakthrough website offers a proven approach to enhancing your people-leadership for the modern digital economy. 

Who you learn from really matters and Alan Dawson is a vastly experienced, inspirational leadership speaker for conferences, meetings, events and one-to-one assignments. 

He brings twenty-five years of award-winning leadership and business growth in top executive positions with global corporates in the technology space. In 2008 Alan launched his own leadership development business successfully passing on the baton to aspiring and experienced leaders. He also manages a Non Executive Director portfolio. Alan delivers a powerful step-by-step method of how to accept change more positively, achieve stretch goals and lead others to achieve their potential in the digital economy. 

We are living in tough times inextricably linked to a pandemic, disruption and the scorching pace of technological advancement. Never before, has it been so possible for vibrant organisations to be thriving today and then out of business tomorrow. It is happening right now much beyond anyone's control with desperate consequences for so many. One day this adjacent human misery and the economic nemesis will end, but not to return as before. Given time, the pandemic threat, widespread restrictions, and lockdowns will become history with business and the economy once again to the forefront. The revolutionary take-up of digital communication technology and remote working has changed the concept of 'workplace' for ever. We are all getting used to this part of the 'digital economy', 'digital age' or 'information age' as is sometimes described

When the disruptions abate, stark reality dictates that leaders will still expect their people to meet goals and trade-out future risks of failure and shortcomings. Yet trading is significantly different now with a more dynamic approach to buying and selling, while large swathes of businesses are still unclear about their strategy and how to engage the digital economy. Marketing changed dramatically some time ago; it is entirely online-focused today, providing every part of the buyer experience.  Buyers have already wrestled control of the sales process from suppliers, and importantly they are searching for trust and added value.They find that information already online ahead of time. That means buyers can be well down the sales process before they contemplate contacting a supplier of choice. It is business model that does not rely upon a supplier leader directing everything from prospect to close, up a vertical approval process. Better a flat structure where everyone is engaged in making the best possible customer experience founded on infallible leadership density. 

That means a culture shift across your organisations where leadership is for everyone, with the formal  leader at the top facilitating an enlightened process of trust in the workforce. Prepare now and contact Alan to discover how to boost and safeguard your future business. Align the cumulative untapped ingenuity, resourcefulness and leadership skill of your people to form an outstanding customer experience before your competitors do. Contact Alan on 07850577441 or




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