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Leadership is far too important to be limited to leaders. It's for everyone and starts with you! 

We can't all be 'the leader,' but with a little help and coaching we can become a valued and trusted 'everyday leaders.' For an individual the result is uplifting and motivational, for their organisation and others, the cumulative impact on performance, revenue and profit is immense.

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We can also be our best self more often and show a better example to one another. Wouldn't it be good to be able to help others achieve goals, reach their potential, and deliver the highest standards? 'For things to change, you have to change'-Jim Rohn

When all the people in an organisation believe in a common purpose and actively promote everyday leadership, the outcome is stunning. Nothing can withstand the concerted determination of a committed group. Discover the magic of everyday leadership.

Leading an organisation exclusively from the top is no longer a one-person role. When there is so much competition for leader visibility, they cannot be everywhere. That means when they are absent, the business must continue as if they were present. An educated observer should not be able to spot the difference. Appointing a temporary deputy won't do it; the accountability and ownership of everyday leadership are more profound than that.

All organisations need everyday leadership, it is the glue that holds an enterprise together. In corporate organisations or SME's, everyday leadership is the template for today's essential stand-out customer experiences. 

Masters of self-management, accountability and empathy, everyday leaders seamlessly drive company standards and expectations. They are poised to step in to help others, sometimes only to listen when needed. The epitome of teamwork.
Everyday leadership does not happen by accident. It is an acquired combination of the right mindset, experience and skill, implemented by an entire workforce. All employees have more to give than they are encouraged to offer. Many skills remain dormant. 'Living Everyday Leadership' ignites and liberates that hidden talent to galvanise and unify a workforce. It is a sought after programme in Alan's portfolio. 

In the commercial sector, competent everyday leaders generate a positive spirit around them. They constantly seek small margins of improvement in themselves and others accumulating peak performance and enduring customer experiences.

Alan Dawson is a progressive people-leadership authority and inspiring resource for leaders of every description. He brings 20+ years of award-winning corporate leadership helping to build companies and exceptional teams in complex markets. His results surpassed formidable competitors and tough political, technological and economic barriers.

In 2008 he launched his people-leadership business to pass on the baton so that followers can quickly replicate his success. He helps directors, managers, teams, and everyday leaders become more effective and achieve their potential in a recovering digital economy. 

Whether it's to reverse a declining company performance, lift an unimpressive division, re-energise a below-par team, or establish a winning everyday leadership mentality to get your organisation to the next level, Alan can get the results you need. It's a people thing! 

Functional, agile and flat structures continue to replace traditional command and control management silos. The business world changes constantly. Only the magnitude and pace varies. Get used to it, turn it to advantage, and enjoy the ride.

Suppose your organisation is not unique? Then you have one option; outstrip your competitors. That means your people must be on top of their game day-in-day-out, are yours? Wouldn't it be good if they were? High-performance everyday leadership is the answer. 

Alan can help; he delivers a 'route one' method to stay ahead of change and more. With carefully customised original material, he offers group workshops, one-to-ones and customised speaking engagements with meticulous attention to your needs. Non-Executive Directorships and his mentoring portfolio  mean a close alignment with the ever-changing business environment. 

He knows what is required to cut through the noise and interpret the signals for change. 
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Contact (m) 07850 577441 or e-mail: to have him speak or deliver an inspiring workshop. Your delegates will love his direct delivery, original ideas and the realisation that everyone can reach their potential. 

Implementing Alan's customised outcomes and takeaways will take your people from where they are now to where they want to be.Talk with him for free about the people-leadership challenges you face in your business. He will be delighted to listen and help you; confidentiality guaranteed.
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